Things You Must Know Before Going To The Philippines

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As I travel the world one step at a time, I carry with me this certain pride of being from the Philippines. I always introduce my country, its people, beautiful scenery and culture to anyone who is interested to listen. May it be from my adventurous tales, captivating photos, interesting anecdotes, or simply their insatiable wanderlust, many have already answered my call to try and explore this beautiful archipelago in Southeast Asia. Others have promised to include the Philippines as one of their future travel destinations. As I keep on promoting my country and receiving mostly positive remarks about their stay in the Philippines, I thought of writing a friendly primer for those visiting the Philippines soon. Without further ado, here are the Things You Must Know Before Going to the Philippines.

Basic Facts

  • The Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia with Taiwan in the north, Vietnam in the west, Indonesia in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the east.
  • The short code for the Philippines is PH and not PI.
  • Citizens of the Philippines are called Filipinos and not Philippinos.
  • Our official languages are Filipino and English, but we have around 180 languages around the country. Communication is easy since most Filipinos can understand English here.
  • Filipinos are predominantly a Christian Catholic country and religion still holds some influence in the lives of Filipinos politically, socially, and culturally despite the separation of government and state written in the Constitution. Islam and other religions are practiced and tolerated as well.
  • Because of religious influences, divorce and abortion are still illegal in the Philippines. Only in 2014 was the Reproductive Health Law, which states free access to contraceptives for all Filipino citizens was passed after a fierce vocal opposition of the Church.
  • Income inequality is real and you can definitely see this both in urban and rural areas. Poverty incidence among Filipinos reached 21.6% in 2015 while unemployment rate is at 4.7% in 2016.
  • The Philippines has a population of more than 103 million and ranked in the top 20 most populated countries in the world.
  • Filipinos are happy, friendly, hospitable, positive and resilient people. We try to make the best out of things and look for silver lining in any disaster. Expect to see and be greeted with smiles wherever you go.

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On being a foreigner

  • Foreigners are mostly treated as royalty in the Philippines. If you are visiting my country, expect to receive prime service. We are naturally friendly, but people tend to go the extra mile when dealing with foreigners.
  • You can become an instant celebrity, especially in rural areas, as people flock to you, ogle, take pictures, or practice their English.
  • It is normal to receive invitations from Filipinos to visit their homes and introduce their entire clan to you.
  • If you are a white guy, you might hear people calling you “Joe” in a friendly way even if you might not be an American.
  • “White tax” and other tourist scams also exist like anywhere else in the world.
  • You won’t have any problem getting directions and other signs as most, if not all, are written in English.
  • Main tourist trails include trips to Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol although I assure you we have way more places to offer than these.

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Pop culture

  • Another thing you must know before going to the Philippines is that Filipinos love taking photos. Recently, we are known as the Selfie Capital of the World, so don’t be surprised to see selfie-sticks-wielding locals around. It’s pretty normal!
  • Aside from selfies, Filipinos are also on most social media networks. Expect to be requested to be friends on Facebook even just after the first meeting.
  • Our service staff is awesome, friendly, and attentive. Since labor cost here is cheap, we even have people employed to open doors in buildings, restaurants and banks, and to operate elevator doors.
  • For language, we can definitely make a conversation out of one syllable – “ba”. Example: Bababa ba? Bababa. The first one is a question – “Will it go down?” Usually referring to the elevator. The second is an answer, “Yes, it will go down.”
  • The Philippines is gay friendly! We do our best to tolerate all genders and you can see this in many forms.


  • Filipinos totally love to eat. Many fill their stomachs 3-5 times per day. This is normal.
  • Rice is huge here and many even start their day with it. Try different varieties of “silog” or “sinangag-itlog” (fried rice and egg) when you order breakfast.
  • Popular recommended food to try are sinigang, adobo, kare-kare, and sisig. For desserts, try halo-halo, leche flan, and ube halaya. No need for descriptions, just try them!
  • Don’t find it too strange to be served with a glass full of ice whenever you order beer. Being in the tropics where things can turn warm easily, as well as some establishments cannot serve ice-cold beer, Filipinos are used to taking their beer with ice.
  • Local beers are San Miguel and Red Horse while Emperador is the most common one for rum. All in roughly $1 each.
  • We normally eat with forks and spoons. Sometimes, we also eat with our bare hands and you must try it!
  • When you meet some locals, expect to be invited/dared/forced to eat street food like balut (unborn duckling embryo), isaw (grilled chicken and pork intestines), Betamax (grilled coagulated pig’s blood) and salted egg.
  • One of the perks of being in a tropical country is having a wide variety of fruits and all its products – think of fresh juice or shake everyday!
  • Philippines is the coconut and mango heaven. Enjoy tasty and affordable coconut juice and mango shake almost everywhere.
  • Jollibee is a huge local burger chain most loved by Filipinos. Try it at least once!


  • The most popular mode of public transportation in the Philippines is the jeepney. These are those colorful decorated vehicles inspired by the then US military jeeps during WWII. They are not air-conditioned. Words to know are “Bayad po” which you say when you pass your fare to the next person until it reaches the driver, and “Para po” which means to stop. If you are taller than most Filipinos, expect to have little to no headspace when riding a jeepney.

  • When traveling in northern Philippines like Banaue and Sagada, try toploading. Instead of sitting inside the jeepney, climb on the roof of the vehicle and sit there while you drive around beautiful cliffs and mountain ranges. Sightseeing + fresh air + instant tan = perfect!
  • Another common mode of public transport is the tricycle. This is a motorcycle with an attached car for passengers. Like jeepneys, they are colorfully designed complete with lights and music speakers sometimes. Also, like jeepneys, expect to have less head and leg space.

  • There are also city and provincial buses running. The capital has three metro lines (MRT, LRT 1, and LRT 2) and one train line (PNR).
  • Taxis are everywhere, but make sure that the driver turns the meter when you get in. Another tip is to make your driver repeat your destination so you won’t be surprised if he would take you somewhere else he thought you said.
  • Ride sharing is also widely used, especially in Manila. Using apps like Uber and Grab is quite common. I highly recommend using these apps especially when you have communication problems telling drivers where to go.
  • In the capital Manila, the traffic congestion is real. Allotting time to consider traffic can be learned through experience.

Safety and Security

  • In the Philippines, especially in Manila, you will see “tight” security everywhere. Whether you are entering one of Manila’s shopping malls, train stations, hotels, banks, and even fast food chains, expect to see security guards in every entrances and exits. Frisking and checking of bags are quite common so expect this (and a queue) whenever you enter most establishments.
  • Unlike the exaggerated picture media portrays sometimes, most part of Mindanao (southern Philippines) is safe. Of course, be aware of the local news and travel bans from your country, so you know when and if it is possible to travel there.
  • Follow the traffic lights especially when crossing the street. Some drivers here will not stop in front of pedestrians to let them pass, so be careful.
  • Like anywhere else in the world, just be street smart. Don’t wear flashy things and just bring enough cash in your pocket whenever you go out.


  • We like the cold! Many Filipinos use air conditioner and electric fan everywhere, especially in their households. Tip: Bring a jacket when you are taking bus rides as temperature can really go low inside here. Consider yourself warned.
  • Family is very important for Filipinos. It is not so common to see Filipinos only with their nuclear family; extended families are always part of gatherings and celebrations. For instance, Christmas celebration must always be with family.
  • Filipinos normally refer to toilets as CR or Comfort Room. When going to public toilets, bring your own paper. More often than not, there will be nothing provided for you to use. Also, Filipinos do not throw and flush tissue and other hygienic products in the toilet.
  • We celebrate many festivals in the Philippines. Among the most famous ones are Sinulog, Panagbenga, Masskara, Dinagyang, etc.

  • Filipinos love singing and karaoke is a favorite past time by most, if not all. When you get invited by your Filipino friends to try this part of our culture, be confident and own that microphone as you belt out your favorite song. You don’t have to have a good singing voice, just pure confidence.
  • Commerce is big here and you can see giant shopping malls almost everywhere. Because it is too hot outside, Filipinos spend their leisure time inside air-conditioned malls where they can shop, dine, watch films, among others.
  • Speaking of which, we have many 24/7 shops and restaurants here. Some banks are even open on weekends. Very unlike those in Europe, for instance.

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  • Many Filipinos are crazy about whitening. From soap to lotion to makeup, many cosmetic products target Filipinos who like to have fair skin. It is even interesting to see sunscreen protection with whitening formula in here.
  • Many Filipinos would prefer to wear rash guard and shorts than bikinis when they go for swimming. Mostly it is because many are still conservative or simply do not want to be darker when exposed to sun.
  • Speaking of swimming, even though the country is an archipelago surrounded by different and numerous bodies of water, a lot of people do not know how to swim here.
  • Still on the same topic, it is common to see many Filipinos just hitting the beach early in the morning or when the sun is soon to set. This is to avoid the harmful rays of the sun and also to protect the skin from getting darker.
  • For sim cards, get those free offers in the airport. In Manila and nearby areas, I recommend to use Globe. If you will be going to the countryside, Smart seems to be stronger there.
  • Basketball is big here. Whether in the capital or countryside, you will see many basketball courts everywhere.
  • Christmas is the longest holiday in this Catholic country. Expect to hear Christmas songs and see Yuletide decorations in many establishments starting 1 September – NO KIDDING!
  • If you are already awed that the Philippine archipelago has 7, 107 islands, you are in a surprise! Just recently, the country officially announced the total islands to be 7, 641. Imagine those additional 534 islands to explore!

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The official tagline of Philippine tourism is “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” Come here and experience it yourself. With more than 7,000 beautiful and unique islands filled with magnificent sceneries of mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers to captivate you; white sandy beaches, pristine and turquoise waters teeming with rich marine biodiversity to fascinate you; distinct and rich heritage, history and culture to entice you; and positive, friendly, warm, and welcoming people to charm you, you will surely have the time of your life in the Philippines.

As I have mentioned in the beginning, I originally wanted this article to be an introductory guide for first-timers visiting the Philippines. Most, if not all, points stated here are my observations and that of my foreign friends’ who have traveled and lived in the Philippines.

things you must know before going to the philippines, philippines, travel philippines, travel guide to philippines, filipino travel, travel blog

Have you ever traveled to the Philippines? Are you a Filipino? If you feel the need to correct or add more items in this list which you think non-Filipinos should know about, kindly write a comment below or contact me. Let’s grow this list and continue promoting my beautiful country – the Philippines.

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