How To Get A Visa-free Entry to Taiwan In Less Than 10 Mins

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HOW TO GET A VISA-FREE ENTRY TO TAIWAN IN LESS THAN 10 MINS (for Philippine passport holders)

Have you ever wondered going to that small island nation just north of the Philippines? Were you a fan of Meteor Garden and dreamed of going to that country to relive the scenes acted by Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai? In this post, Where Monica Goes would give Philippine passport holders a detailed, Do-It-Yourself, no-fuss guide on How to Get a Visa-free Entry to Taiwan in less than 10 minutes.


If you have a valid visa or residence permit in US, UK Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and any of the …

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Things You Must Know Before Going to Germany

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As I enjoy living and studying here in Germany thanks to my exchange program, I would like to introduce this lovely country and its people to those who haven’t been to the land of Wurst and Bier. Haha! I have compiled this list of Things You Must Know Before Going to Germany to help first-time travelers to come prepared and avoid committing social mistakes when they travel here.

Do note that these are based on my observations and experiences as a Filipino traveler and foreign student. I may have different experience than others and I do not claim to be an expert on German culture and people. This article is …

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Day Trip to Bohol: Itinerary and Expenses

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Bohol is simply beautiful and worth exploring. I have been to this beautiful island at least three times, twice of which are just day trips. For those who do not have the luxury of time, I think you can explore the province just for one day. It will be an action-packed day and would be tiring in the end, but I assure you that it would be worth it.

For this itinerary, my friends and I originally flew from Manila to Cebu. We got cheap flights to Cebu and intended to explore the province more that is why we made it as our base. However, my Swiss friend would like to see the tarsiers that is why we included a …

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Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog

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Being in the blogging world for more than four years, I still get to ask by family, friends, colleagues and readers what a blog is, what a blogger does, how to easily setup one, among others. I feel glad that many are showing interest to write and I try to help and explain as much as I can. I believe that all of us were born writers; it just takes honing and practice to be one.

This coming October, HU Studio is launching its first-ever blogging workshop titled “Blogging 101: A guide to starting a blog.” The company will help you get started from scratch, encourage your passion and answer any questions you have about blogging.

Also, yours …

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Free Things To Do In Vienna

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As a student, budget is always limited, but it never discouraged me to go outside the corners of my university and explore. As much as I love exploring the nearby towns and cities of Marburg, I also enjoy crossing country borders and taking new adventures outside Germany. As many expressed appreciation on my recent post on How I Travel Cheaply Around Europe, I have decided to create a regular budget series on Free Things to Do In varied cities around the world.

The first to be featured is none other than my most favorite European capital – Vienna. Wien (in German) is the capital and largest city of the small central European country of Austria famous for its rich

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