My 2016 Travel Bucket List

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This year, I am very excited to achieve more of the things I have only dreamed of before. As I travel more and get addicted to moving from one place to another, I become bolder with my ever growing to-dos and must list. Without further ado, here is my 2016 travel bucket list.

Go in a tripoint and be in three countries at once.

There is something novel in standing in a place where the borders of three countries lie. Though most of the tripoints I have seen are really not so spectacular, even some are in the middle of lakes or rivers, I think it would be fun to put each foot and a hand in three different countries. Just imagine the idea!

where monica goes, travel, bucket list, tripoint, europe
Austria, Slovakia and Hungary tripoint. Photo credit to Corinna Back.

Go skiing in the Alps.

My first experience in the Alps will always stay with me, but now I am upping the ante. I am most likely the least sporty person you could ever meet and I know nothing next to skiing, but this sounds fun!

UPDATE: I was able to go to the Alps, but not ski there. I was able to ski February of 2016 though, but in a mountain in Austria.

Ride a hot air balloon in Turkey.

I once watched a TV series where the characters went to Turkey and witnessed the sun set while up in the sky in a hot air balloon. Since then, it has stayed in my mind.

where monica goes, turkey, travel, bucket list
Hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo credit to Meanwhile in Rotterdam

 Visit ten countries.

I was able to achieve this last 2015 and plan to do so again this year.

UPDATE: By the end of 2016, I was able to travel around 11 countries!

travel around
Photo credit to NoGarlicNoOnion

See the northern lights.

It is in my list for years now and I hope to be able to see the auroras this 2016.

where monica goes, travel, bucket list,
Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland. Photo credit to discover the world uk.

Attend a traditional festival in a foreign country.

The last time I was able to attend was in 2009 in Japan and I would like to witness and participate in one again. I feel more attached when I celebrate a festival along the locals – it makes me feel like I’m one of them.

UPDATE: In April 2016, I was able to attend this Spring festival in Zurich, Switzerland – Sechseläuten.

where monica goes, travel, bucket list, thailand
Lantern Festival, Thailand. Photo credit to Justin Ng.

Walk along roads lined with cherry blossom trees during Spring.

My homeland does not have these trees and I do not have the opportunity to gaze up and admire these beautiful blooms.

UPDATE: I was able to do this in Spring in Vienna, Austria.

where monica goes, travel, bucket list
Photo Credit to Dallas Nagata White.

Try to be a guest of a Couchsurfer.

I am a member of Couchsurfing for two years now yet I haven’t tried being hosted. It was only in mid-January when I had my first guest and I hope I can avail the hospitality of others when I travel around and be hosted.

UPDATE: Done the first time in Munich, Germany March 2016 and doing it until now. So much fun!

where monica goes, travel, bucket list, couchsurfing
Couchsurfing. Photo credit to welovewonderlust

Go backpacking abroad.

I am known by my friends as the overpacker and suitcase girl. I used to prepare at least two days’ worth of emergency clothes and pack my full skincare regimen. However, I somehow broke this routine and had tried traveling to some provinces in my country for three days with only a backpack! It was a very unique and freeing experience that I would like to do again.

UPDATE: Did it for the first time April 2016 for my Germany-Liechtenstein-Austria-Switzerland trip. Fell in love with backpacking and still doing it until now.

where monica goes, travel, bucket list, blogger

These are my travel bucket list this 2016. I hope to accomplish at least half of it. How about you? What are you looking forward to do this year?

To know more what I have done last 2016, do READ: Life and Travels in 2016: A Year-Ender

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  1. I’ve never thought about adding “visiting a tripoint” to my “to visit” list before, but I will now! Interesting idea!

    Sunrise in Cappadocia, and the region in general is amazing. One of the dreamiest places I have ever visited.

  2. OMG! I really wanna travel AROUND THE WORLD din po! Super like ko po posts mo Ma’am sa FB and Instagram mo po! kakainggit! Pagtatrabahuhan ko yan para matupad din pangarap ko!

    1. Thank you so much for your support as always, Sam! It was and still my dream to travel around the world and I tell you this – it is not impossible! Just work hard and never stop believing in your dreams.

  3. Which ones have you managed to do already? I am hoping to see cherry blossoms too 🙂 I think I might succeed in Finland, as they aren’t blooming for a few weeks now.

    1. I have finally been hosted on Couchsurfing, did a ten-day backpacking around four countries, and attended a traditional festival in Zurich. Oooh, do they also grow in Finland? When will you be there?

      1. Wow, good for you!! Heheh, I live in Finland 🙂 I will try to visit this park here where they bloom later in Spring. The trees were a gift to Finland from Japan 😀

    1. Thanks! Is there anything in my list that is also in yours? 🙂 After reading my post now, I am glad to scratch three from this already. Accomplished after one month! 🙂

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