2017 Travel Bucket list

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It is that time of the year again when we are most inspired to list down what we want to achieve in the next twelve months, hoping that this would be better than the last. Since the year has already started, it is high time for me to create and share with you my 2017 Travel Bucket List. I try to write only the most possible and practical ones considering my would-be busy career life this 2017. Also, there are other items which are carried over from the last year. (READ: My 2016 Travel Bucket List and see how many I have accomplished last year.)

Visit a tripoint

This is a carry-on of my 2016 Travel Bucket

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Where have you been? | Travel World Map Generator

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Ever wondered how many countries in the world have you visited so far? If you are as addicted to traveling as me, chances are you have a fair amount of numbers to share. Today I stumbled upon this travel world map generator and it made me so giddy to input and color places I have been. 

As May is about to close and soon half of the year is already over, I think it is a good time to evaluate how far I have been in my mid-twenties. I only discovered my passion to travel last year and know that I have places to catch on. As of 30th of May, Where Monica Goes has visited 20 countries in the

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Country Spotlight: The Philippines

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The Republic of the Philippines gains the honor of being the first country to get the spotlight on Where Monica Goes. From its more than seven thousand idyllic islands, clear turquoise waters, world-class diving sites, diverse wildlife, rich culture, friendly and hospitable locals, to delicious food, the Pearl of the Orient Seas can offer so much that one cannot help but to fall in love with it. As a Filipina myself, I can proudly say that I love my country and will always encourage others to come and visit this jewel in Asia. After reading this post, please let me know if I have convinced you to travel to the Philippines!

With a total land area of 300 000 square

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My 2016 Travel Bucket List

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This year, I am very excited to achieve more of the things I have only dreamed of before. As I travel more and get addicted to moving from one place to another, I become bolder with my ever growing to-dos and must list. Without further ado, here is my 2016 travel bucket list.

Go in a tripoint and be in three countries at once.

There is something novel in standing in a place where the borders of three countries lie. Though most of the tripoints I have seen are really not so spectacular, even some are in the middle of lakes or rivers, I think it would be fun to put each foot and a hand in three different countries. …

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