Life and Travels in 2016: A Year Ender

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And just like that, another year is coming to an end. 2016 has brought a lot of wonderful adventure, experience, and opportunities, which have shaped me to what I am now. In just a matter of more than 300 days, there were massive changes in my perspective in life to which I am grateful for. So what have I been up to this past twelve months? Where have I wandered? Let’s have a trip down memory lane.


The year started with an unexpected meeting with three strangers who would later become important parts of my life.  From a random chat in my apartment building’s elevator, Sun In, and then later Marcel and Eyah, formed my clingiest group ever –

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Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog

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Being in the blogging world for more than four years, I still get to ask by family, friends, colleagues and readers what a blog is, what a blogger does, how to easily setup one, among others. I feel glad that many are showing interest to write and I try to help and explain as much as I can. I believe that all of us were born writers; it just takes honing and practice to be one.

This coming October, HU Studio is launching its first-ever blogging workshop titled “Blogging 101: A guide to starting a blog.” The company will help you get started from scratch, encourage your passion and answer any questions you have about blogging.

Also, yours …

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Change The Way You See Friendship

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How do you define friendship? Over the years, my concept of friendship is that of a relationship between people who care and nurture each other to be the best of what they can be. I believe that friends are those who immediately notice that you are not okay even before you utter a single word of complaint. Friends are those who celebrate with you in times of success and cry with you when the going gets rough. I believe in the existence of this ideal friendship. I just wished I didn’t take that too literally and narrow-minded as before.

This year, a lot of great things happened that made me changed the way I see friendship. And I am very …

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