2017 Travel Bucket list

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It is that time of the year again when we are most inspired to list down what we want to achieve in the next twelve months, hoping that this would be better than the last. Since the year has already started, it is high time for me to create and share with you my 2017 Travel Bucket List. I try to write only the most possible and practical ones considering my would-be busy career life this 2017. Also, there are other items which are carried over from the last year. (READ: My 2016 Travel Bucket List and see how many I have accomplished last year.)

Visit a tripoint

This is a carry-on of my 2016 Travel Bucket

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How I Stay Online When Traveling Abroad: Flytpack Travel WiFi Router

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As someone who wants to stay connected to my family and friends and gets updated with the current news as I explore the world, it is almost a requirement that I get seamless and unlimited Internet connection whenever I travel.

But first things first. Why do I want to stay wirelessly connected whenever I leave the country? Isn’t one of the reasons why people fly out is to escape and relax?

Reasons to stay connected while traveling abroad:

  • Research while on the road. Because I am a very spontaneous person who doesn’t have an itinerary when I travel, I just wake up every morning and plan each day as it comes. Therefore, an Internet connection is needed.
  • Online maps and
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Life and Travels in 2016: A Year Ender

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And just like that, another year is coming to an end. 2016 has brought a lot of wonderful adventure, experience, and opportunities, which have shaped me to what I am now. In just a matter of more than 300 days, there were massive changes in my perspective in life to which I am grateful for. So what have I been up to this past twelve months? Where have I wandered? Let’s have a trip down memory lane.


The year started with an unexpected meeting with three strangers who would later become important parts of my life.  From a random chat in my apartment building’s elevator, Sun In, and then later Marcel and Eyah, formed my clingiest group ever –

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How To Get A Visa-free Entry to Taiwan In Less Than 10 Mins

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HOW TO GET A VISA-FREE ENTRY TO TAIWAN IN LESS THAN 10 MINS (for Philippine passport holders)

Have you ever wondered going to that small island nation just north of the Philippines? Were you a fan of Meteor Garden and dreamed of going to that country to relive the scenes acted by Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai? In this post, Where Monica Goes would give Philippine passport holders a detailed, Do-It-Yourself, no-fuss guide on How to Get a Visa-free Entry to Taiwan in less than 10 minutes.


If you have a valid visa or residence permit in US, UK Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and any of the …

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Things You Must Know Before Going to Germany

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As I enjoy living and studying here in Germany thanks to my exchange program, I would like to introduce this lovely country and its people to those who haven’t been to the land of Wurst and Bier. Haha! I have compiled this list of Things You Must Know Before Going to Germany to help first-time travelers to come prepared and avoid committing social mistakes when they travel here.

Do note that these are based on my observations and experiences as a Filipino traveler and foreign student. I may have different experience than others and I do not claim to be an expert on German culture and people. This article is …

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